***** Rudimental & Major Lazer - Let Me Live (feat. Anne-marie & Mr Eazi) [official Video] *****

***** Rudimental & Major Lazer - Let Me Live (feat. Anne-marie & Mr Eazi) [official Video] *****

***** Rudimental & Major Lazer - Let Me Live (feat. Anne-marie & Mr Eazi) [official Video] *****

  • Rudimental Rudimental
    Published date 09 Jul 2018

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Official video for our new single "Let Me Live" with Major Lazer, also featuring Anne-Marie and Mr Eazi - out now.

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  • Francis Kenneth Kangaju Francis Kenneth Kangaju
    *****nn Mr eazy part was funky
  • Hro Pigark Hro Pigark
    0:52 diplo?!
  • king range king range
    I love thing song
  • Ali Alyakoob Ali Alyakoob
    billion views very soon.
  • abu bacher abu bacher
    like w***** is here under the 2 million views
  • Leandro Almeida Leandro Almeida
    Celebrate the life! That's it. You're amazing guys, all of you, each one of you.
  • Tammy Versa Tammy Versa
    Anne-Marie always looks so happy I love her
  • Andrej Malnar Andrej Malnar
    Croatiaaa what a world cup ❤❤❤
  • Pehami Bey Pehami Bey
    1:52 ddeki Meeme ucunu gorenler begensin dnsjjwkw
  • Smoke & Rubber Smoke & Rubber
    The *****lden ute, any other Aussies spot that?
  • Soldean Escott Soldean Escott
    Anne Marie is literally flawless
  • Roman Amon Roman Amon
    Wild Belle - Keep you
  • Innocent Letsoalo Innocent Letsoalo
    "Impilo yifishane, usenethuba"- "Life is s*****rt, you still have a chance"
  • Sara Récio Sara Récio
    Great voice Anne. You s*****uld do more songs with Rudimental. They are great!!!!! Nice dance...this Song This is best Song of Anne in my opinion!
  • Silvio Gamberone Silvio Gamberone
    Che bomba !!! Il video è una bomba di energia e colori 🤘🙆🙋😎
  • wolvie667 wolvie667
    BTW not a sound I expected with Major Lazor
  • wolvie667 wolvie667
    ann marie looks *****t with fur
  • Adars Orano Adars Orano
    Adars 🤘🤘👌👌✌️
  • My Earth Name Is Venus My Earth Name Is Venus
    Am I the only one w***** t*****ught it was Khloe K as the thumbnail?
  • Stewart121 Stewart121
    Anne Marie has the voice of an angel and the beauty of one.❤ ❤
  • Rashad Devout Rashad Devout
    Pure ***** !
  • DAT_ Guy DAT_ Guy
    I think I'm in love with Anne Marie and this song too. ❤❤
  • Yana Esterlina Yana Esterlina
    Love you from indonesia
  • SeeD.fAC.eNT SeeD.fAC.eNT
    9ja to the worldsubscribe to my channeli am the future
  • Reber Duski Reber Duski
  • Kim Widya Kim Widya
  • Sufia Siddique Sufia Siddique
  • Arij stars Arij stars
    Nice song🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝
  • amir jahic amir jahic
    Im so addicted to this song cant stop listning to it :D
  • HAG3R -Official- HAG3R -Official-
    Why diplo there
  • kim kim kim kim
  • Abdou Abdel Abdou Abdel
    Finally some originality this Summer !!!
  • Misterh RTR Misterh RTR
    Anne is my forever crush 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • Oyinkansola Moradeyo Oyinkansola Moradeyo
    Nigerian all the way🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
  • Portia Schiferli Portia Schiferli
    im so proud of her 😍
  • Jonas Johansson Jonas Johansson
    You can have your life.. but where is the drum n b***** ?
  • Cool Shagun Cool Shagun
    Stupendo Fantabulously Fantasic
  • Joanna Gill Joanna Gill
    I love the beat, but I think they could have created better lyrics or a better song to accompany it. But I'm lovin' the rap and upbeat vibe.
  • fun media fun media
    Anne marieee😍😍😍😍
  • Amanda Louise Amanda Louise
    Cracking tune...🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
  • Kelly Killingworth Kelly Killingworth
  • Blessed Blaze Blessed Blaze
    Leave me alone Let me live my life
  • Junila Solijon Junila Solijon
    New fan here👋😍 #annemarie I love you😘
    wow... this song gives me chills
  • Mpumelelo M Mpumelelo M
    South Africa!!!
  • scander White scander White
    so cooooool
  • Farul Constanta Farul Constanta
    Rudimental with new great video!
  • Club Music SB Club Music SB
    💯 powerful 💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥  🔊 Great ***** 🎧 👍
  • Sanjay Murmu Sanjay Murmu
    Catchy song!
  • Rafsan Tahir Rafsan Tahir reaggae vibes
  • Lim Burat Lim Burat
    Philippines Loves ANNE MARIE 💙👏
  • James Ashurst James Ashurst
    ***** 💩
  • Anne Marie Anne Marie
    I Love Anne Marie
  • Sophia Loren Sophia Loren
    It's so cool
  • Maureen kathambi Maureen kathambi
  • Claudya R. Anggraeni Claudya R. Anggraeni
    Anne Marie is slayyy
  • blood shukron blood shukron
    Dancehall every day
  • cakra_ sakti cakra_ sakti
    This ***** driving a angkot
  • Smokie Saran Smokie Saran
    Anne Marie *****s u Anne😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘♥
  • Mckayla Kyremeh Mckayla Kyremeh
    Ghanaians and Nigerians stand up proud 🇬🇭🇳🇬
  • Rose - Rose -
    I've been in love with anne marie's happy vibes.❤
  • João Teixeira João Teixeira
    The videoclip reminded me "W***** run the world?...girls!". I'm addicted to this song!I wanna dance inside an orange van as well...supercool!
  • Christine kirsten Santos Christine kirsten Santos
    Anne marie is so great!!!!
  • Raul Herrera Raul Herrera
  • Bruno.S Aragão Bruno.S Aragão
    ♡♡♡♡ Anne Marie ♡♡♡♡
  • Nguyen Tung Loc Nguyen Tung Loc
    damm ur guys heal my soul :||| this song include full of gud stuffs , thanks *****
  • Rolando Lucero Rolando Lucero
    Ns everywhere
  • Mai Jabber Mai Jabber
    uhh looks like LGBT representation! #*****pes
  • Beto Mendes Beto Mendes
  • Lwazi Mlungwana Lwazi Mlungwana
    South Africa love the song
  • Jp Slim Jp Slim
    Anyone else click this simply for Anne-Marie?
  • Carlos Gutierrez Carlos Gutierrez
    cómo me encanta Anne-Marie
  • Ruel Santillan Ruel Santillan
    after friends then this awesome
    Malaysia 🇲🇾 love Anne Marie 💕
  • Lumz. Kim Kamz Lumz. Kim Kamz
  • Brittany Rada Brittany Rada
    The bets <3
  • musixpression musixpression
    I will do Annie-Marie, i will leave you alone and let you live your life. This goes to every girl w***** really wants that.
  • Rodrigo leonel Lionff Rodrigo leonel Lionff
    *****a e clipe legal muito bom ❤
  • JOÃO Victor JOÃO Victor
  • Kevyn Zans Kevyn Zans
    You. Make. Good. Songs
  • Zephirin YAMEOGO Zephirin YAMEOGO
    I like, It's so beautiful.!!! Amazing video.!!! You are the bests ...!!!👏👏👏
  • Ali Mohammed Ali Mohammed
    بوووم اول تعليق عربي 😅قيموو القدر عااد
  • Marc-MQ Marc-MQ
    This years summer tune ?????
  • Ronique Dion Ronique Dion
    I want to know w***** don't like this song?! They need to be checked out seriously
  • Majestic Ysk Majestic Ysk
    Summer jam 😍
  • Kevin Flow Kevin Flow
  • Lifeof_thePawn Lifeof_thePawn
  • AgaDo AgaDo
    I love my London Dalston and Ridley Road Market!!W*****op w*****op enjoy everyday :))
  • Obinna Azodoh Obinna Azodoh
    I think I'm in love
  • suleiman abdulshaqur madani suleiman abdulshaqur madani
    This is lit
  • riyan anugerah riyan anugerah
  • Contactos Las Higueras Contactos Las Higueras
    Very good !!!
  • inspirepaul inspirepaul
    Here to support Anne Marie!!
  • Cedric Nk. Cedric Nk.
    Good *****
  • Cedric Nk. Cedric Nk.
    Trop Bon
  • Maya Maya
    In love with the song 🎶🎤🎵🎤🎤🎤
  • Prince Prince
    W*****'s here before a *****tillio?
  • Mariana Cordeiro Mariana Cordeiro
    This song is all I need! Clip is 🔥🔥🔥
  • Neval Seva Neval Seva
    Anne Marie is such a cutie :)