***** Mnek - Colour (official Video) Ft. Hailee Steinfeld *****

***** Mnek - Colour (official Video) Ft. Hailee Steinfeld *****

***** Mnek - Colour (official Video) Ft. Hailee Steinfeld *****

    Published date 28 Jun 2018

MNEK – Colour (ft Hailee Steinfeld) is available to stream or ***** here now:

before you came into my life
everything was black and white
now all I see is colour
like a rainbow in the sky
so tell me your love will never fade
that I wont see no clouds of grey
cos I dont want another
you bring colour to my life baby

(verse 1)
life was so heavy
I was giving up na na
but since you came along Im
light as a feather oh yeah
you give me something
incredible, sensational baby
when were together, everything is better my darling only you can brighten up my day you make everything change, you rearrange so dont go away let me tell you


(verse 2)
i never thought that i would meet anybody who knows my body how you know my body
i can’t deny it see i stick around cos we paint the town anyway that we want it like
red and yellow and pink and green that’s what i see when you’re here with me
everything is brighter cos the limit is the sky baby that’s the way you make me feel
you know that only you can brighten up my day
you chase all those grey clouds away
you helped me find a brand new shade of me yeah
you make everything change, you rearrange so dont ever fade don’t fade don’t fade don’t fade you bring the colour x3

(chorus 2x)

  • Alana Reece Alana Reece
  • Shivam Singh Shivam Singh
    is he the same guy w***** was in a Zara larrson's song?
  • aniqsyafiq rashid aniqsyafiq rashid
    ***** ni bez tp nampak sgt sokong lgbt ***** ***** babi laaa
  • Jessie Mangala Jessie Mangala
    W***** else thinks the dance at 1:28 is nice
  • Anung Aier Anung Aier
    This s my feverite song😍😍😍😍😆😆😆😆
  • Alex Moreira Alex Moreira
    2pac on 1:24 🔥
  • V R M V R M
    You work for so long , now you have it -.popularity
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  • Rachel Nochebuena Rachel Nochebuena
    This song brought colours to my life!!!😍
  • dacreze pom dacreze pom
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    Love this song❤️♥️
  • 사야! 사야!
    IM first listene this song but I like this song❣️
  • Monica Olly Monica Olly
    I love the song,text and video,I don’t know if hailee c*****se that dress or the stylist,but personally I think it’s too much...she is so beautiful,I don’t understand why they have to exaggerate in that way and putting maybe her on embarr*****ment.
  • Rita Marcelo Rita Marcelo
  • Tanay Malhotra Tanay Malhotra
  • Amano Ginji Amano Ginji
  • Unwise One Unwise One
    Great song, great video. Distracted by hailee's legs.
  • Jessie Mangala Jessie Mangala
  • Roos Roos
    2:57 Zendaya?
  • crazy girl crazy girl
    This video's gonna make me throw up but like the song t*****
  • ScoobySnax ScoobySnax
    Brilliant Song!
  • NaB Show NaB Show
    I love you Hailee but not the look in this video...
  • Jay Goh Jay Goh
    The guy in green looked like Tupac
  • Vishna D Vishna D
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  • Jessie Goddard Jessie Goddard
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  • Estuardo Salts Estuardo Salts
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  • Abdirisaq Mohamed Abdirisaq Mohamed
    Why is he acting like a girl He is more girly than a manly Eww 😷 but I love ❤️ her so much hailee Keep rocking the world 🌎 girl
  • ⓐⓢⓗⓔⓔⓠⓐⓗ ⓒⓐⓡⓘⓔⓜ ⓐⓢⓗⓔⓔⓠⓐⓗ ⓒⓐⓡⓘⓔⓜ
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  • dacreze pom dacreze pom
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  • Frecensent The Noob Frecensent The Noob
    First i hear this on radio and then i love the song
  • Autumn Zira Autumn Zira
    can anyone tell me what does the timer mean?
    I like that voice
  • ExTremeHYPE ExTremeHYPE
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    Hailee with her "from the s*****wer" hair
  • Katt Flee Katt Flee
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  • leezuregamr leezuregamr
    GAH MNEK is so cute in this video 💕💕
  • 김경민 김경민
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    Serem tapi gemulai njir.
  • Brian KHThirteen Brian KHThirteen
    I was searching for Hailee vids and this came up. IDK w***** MNEK is so almost didn't ***** because I t*****ught oh no is this another pop/rap collab? MNEK has that old sc*****ol R&B style I like. Great song and video.
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  • Girl gamer 164 Girl gamer 164
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    i keep coming back to this mv 😍 been waiting for this since the lyric video, been here at the first *****ur of release 🙌🏼 im so proud of their supporting the LGBTQ+ and wow such ta*****t!! also i love my girl hailee so much slshdhqldha :""""""""(
  • Raheme Matthie Raheme Matthie
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